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Exide TBS Tubular Batteries

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Features of Exide Skutec Range of Batteries :-

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The Positive tubular plates of the TBS tubular battery are cast at a high pressure of 100 Bar in imported.

HADI machines, making them resistant to corrosion.

Spines made of Lead Antimony Alloy to ensure low water loss and therefore low topping up.

In-House non-woven Gauntlet made from special imported cloth to hold Positive active material and ensure consistent output.

Imported micro porous separators for high temperature stability and to prevent penetration shorts.

Plastic encapsulated moulded bolt-on terminals for better electrical performance and prevention of crevice corrosion.

Innovative ceramic vent plugs trap fumes and prevent acid spoilage to reduce top-up frequency.

Cells housed in transparent SAN containers.

Very low maintenance-transparent container allows easy detection of faults.

Completely insulated inter-cell connectors

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