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Exide Electrica Two Wheeler Batteries

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Features of Exide Electrica Range of Batteries :-

Quick Overview

Specially designed for deep cycling application, i.e. capable of delivering in excess of 300 deep cycles @ 100% DOD at 2 hr rate

Higher power weight ratio, i.e. approx. 20-25% higher power availability at 15 min-3 hr. rate of discharge

Excellent charge acceptance as well as recovery from deep discharge

Leak resistant double sealed terminal design

Non-spillable, and therefore can be installed in any position. However, upside-down installation is not recommended

Ultra Premium Vent Valve Assembly. Effective and repeatable valve operation that works within a narrow pressure band (Opening and closing)

Rugged and vibration-resistant

Special grade of electrolyte based on high purity sulphuric acid and de-ionized water increases battery shelf life

Effective gas recombination technology eliminates the need to add water

Leak resistant design with flame retardant materials

Proprietary technology, suitable for use under all climatic conditions

Technical Specifications of Exide Electrica Range of Batteries

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12EC25L 12 Loeram Aspum... Price
12EC33L 12 Loeram Aspum... Price
12EC33L 12 Loeram Aspum... Price
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